Mia returns on a snowy day

She has been gone for quite some time now. It is the strangest thing how quickly she returns at times like these. As with any addiction, you may be able to recover from an eating disorder, but she will always be there lingering in the shadows. For some strange reason, the snow makes me exceptionally hungry. It wasn’t meant to turn into a binge, but then again it never does. I wake up to discover that I do not have to go to work. For most people, this is a marvelous occasion, but for a struggling server who depends on weekends for survival, it is simply maddening. My food supply is usually null. You cannot gorge yourself on food that you do not have… A simple Jedi mind trick, but I digress… I purchased food in preparation for winter storm Jonas, just as any good southerner would do. As I mentioned, the entrapment leaves me feeling famished… I am not sure why, but it does. I eat breakfast when I wake up at the bright and early hour of 1 pm… 2 Krispy Kreme donuts: a staple for any North Carolinian. I then fall back into bed with a really great book. I decided I need a snack… Ahhh What better than the leftover movie theater popcorn…. Still unsatisfied I sprint into the kitchen and make myself a corn dog. Just about this time, my boss informs me that we will be closed today… This is the beginning of my end… No work = no responsibilities which means I can wash down my lunch with some wine. Wine and I are interesting bedfellows. We have had some fond memories together, and some that I cannot remember. Wine does also have the tendency to turn me into Betty Crocker, which is hilarious because I am an awful cook. Today my inner Betty decides we should make fried pickles…. Technically baked… calm down children I am not actually brave enough to fry something. I am sitting in my living room floor stuffing my face with fried but not actually fried pickles and on my 3rd Tumblr of wine when she appears. I am busted. I am a failure. I have committed the ultimate sin, gluttony. Mia has shown up just when I needed her. Immediately the need to rid all of the calories arises. Mia guides me to the bathroom, where I can be completely alone with her. I will spare you the details of the purge, but it is marvelous. The best high I’ve ever known…


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