The Truth about Deception

The truth about deception 
Trust is a glass chalice 
An intricate, fragile object that must be handled 
with extreme care. 
A select few are given the opportunity to hold 
the chalice. 
Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the 
chalice will break. 
It will be shattered into a million shards when a 
lie is revealed. 
Deception has the ability to break even the 
most durable Chalice. 
Once broken, there is no way to escape injury
from the glass.
We can choose to walk away in hopes that the 
cuts will eventually heal themselves.
The only other option is to attempt to somehow 
fit the broken pieces into something of value 
Perhaps this is due to a belief in second 
Or perhaps we have grown far too familiar with 
this type of pain


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